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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  September 30, 2018 7:00am-8:28am PDT

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a morning and welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday, september 30. >> is the last day of september. it is rolling into the books tomorrow. good morning everyone. we will have your weather forecast coming up in a moment but first, some of the headlines here on the sunday. work is underway at the trans bay terminal as people are tremendous workers are trying to fix cracked beams. >> they think this temporary fix could relieve some of the weights there. we will have a live report coming up.continuing investigation in brett kavanaugh and the president is weighing in. he made his most recent remarks out of west virginia. >> what he said and the comet
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that he directed at dianne feinstein. that is coming up here. elon musk is stepping down as it chairman of his board with the fcc. what they're saying and why it is good news for the market and what is next for the company. all of that and more. but first let's go to our meteorologist for look at our forecast and whether not this rain event is still on his way? >> the rain is still on the way. northbay actually see truman's awesome yesterday. almost 2/10 the further north you go. the system is moving out for today and it will be mainly dry with a mix of sun and clouds with temperature starting in the 50s and low 60s. sam ziska right now 62 degrees santa rosa is 61 oakland compar a few degrees for most a little warmer for areas like santa rosa here. all of that cloud cover is
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overhead and it will continue with a mix of sun and clouds as we clear out some before the cultural back and into the second part of the afternoon. here's a look about -- at a little bit of your shower activity. the system that move through yesterday, and brought us the cloudy cooler weather and even the scattered showers to northbay is moving out. here's a look at your future cast model getting a little bit of a drizzle this morning. we cannot rule out the possibility here for more. it will be muggy for most and 79 degrees for the afternoon. closer to the bay will be 71 in oakland it will be 66 and seven cisco south bay is 77. santa bay -- santa rosa is at 76. monday night and tuesday morning time frame, your possibility of rain is moving in and i will detail what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up. work is getting underway to shore up those two cracked beams and's emphasis go. allie rasmus joins us live at fremont and howard street which
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remain closed because of all the work. alley? >> good morning. lots of activity out here where you can see it here behind to p into position what they said with a hydraulics deck. a big piece of equipment that they're going to use their. and it is going to be in the process of bringing in support beams that they are installing starting today in the middle of fremont street. also this morning, something that was not here 24 hours ago was a platform that you can see in the middle of fremont street. that was not here yesterday. but it looks like we went to video already. on tuesday this past week were crews were doing a routine expense -- a routine repair of the fisher here in the transit center. the transit center and the street below it were shut down as a safety precaution. and then engineer started to come up with a designed to
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shore up the structure. late last week the crew started to move utilities in antiwork and yesterday they brought in the materials and opened up the ceiling or other the flooring i should say of the trans bay deck. today they're going to start the work of stabilizing the building. the plan is to add some support beams to the middle of fremont street to hold up the deck above it. back out here live and want to say the platform that they have laid out here. they mentioned it a second ago. this i'm told by construction workers is where the extra additional vertical support beams will go. i'm not sure how that is going to affect traffic and once the work is complete how cars and vehicles are going to to get around. but we are going to find more information about the potential traffic impacts down the line. for now, they're focused on getting the stabilization work started this morning. fremont street at howard is going to remain shut down at least through the remainder of
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this week. it is something for commuters to keep in mind. here's some your traffic your on sunday morning and typically not a time when you have a lot of traffic coming into the city. but already a bit of a backup because of the major closure here. live in sam cisco, fox 2 news. >> one man is recovering after he was hurt in a rollover crash. it happen on diablo road which runs from interstate 682 the diablo country club. at about 9:30 pm last night the men hit a utility pole and the car flipped onto its roof. the victim was to get to the hospital and we are told is injuries are not life- threatening. officials not releasing his name or any other details about him or what could've led to that crash. the road was shut down for nearly 2 hours as police investigated. u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his supporters say they're waiting to hear what if anything fbi investigators reveal.
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three women have now come forward with claims that they were sexually abused by brett kavanaugh when they were in high school or college with him. the president says that the fbi has free rein in this weeklong investigation. but it is still unclear how much investigators will be able to find out about events that women say happened more than 30 years ago. the agents may have a hard time finding witnesses and because this is not a criminal investigation, they cannot require anyone to testify. the commander-in-chief praise to supreme court pick -- supreme court pick. >> a vote to confirm judge time jurist with a tenure of public service. >> is a blessing in disguise because the president believes that he will be exonerated.
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he also accused democrats of using lowball tactics and directing his comment at feinstein. he accused her of leaking the letter from doctor christine ford. >> feinstein? remember her answer. did you leave the document? what? no no well wait one minute. no. we didn't leak it. appearing to respond to his comment, senator feinstein tweeted from the moment i received the letters my actions have been consistent with her wishes we kept her letter confidential and did not leak the contents. or its existence to anyone. elizabeth warren is
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considering a run for president. a guest asked her whether she would consider running for higher office. >> i am taking a hard look at running. >> november 6 is the general election. or announcement led to a standing ovation from her supporters. she was at a town hall meeting on a campaign swing in holyoke in western massachusetts. she is running for a second term as a senator. >> elon musk is stepping down as chairman of the board and he will be keeping his title as ceo however. part of a settlement with securities and exchange commission he is going to pay a $20 billion fined to the fcc and another 20 million. the fcc says musk violated the security exchange loss in august when he tweeted that he had secured funding to take the company private at $420 a share. they call the statements false
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and misleading. wall street journal kim hagan says it removes a cloud of uncertainty over tesla. >> he is still in the mix and it removes a huge uncertainty that was hanging out in tesla. they have been pushing to get rid of them from the company as the director or as an officer. >> they say the resolution will prevent further distraction to the markets and harm to the shareholders. tesla will point to new independent directors joining the board. developing news out of indonesia. 832 people are now confirmed that from friday's earthquake and tsunami. some of the drone video here is showing the damage caused by the magnitude 7.5 quake. and the tsunami that came after. this morning, rescue workers are still searching for survivors and indonesia's vice president set fears that thousands of people could be dead. there is a fear that a tsunami system may have prevented some
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test but it has been stalled in the testing phase for years. but you could see the devastation there. a typhoon is bringing strong winds to parts of japan this morning. it has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes and a number of flights have been canceled. major air forces throughout japan are looking to. the storm is moving to the same areas that were hit by another typhoon earlier this month. >> studies show that many students struggle to pay for enough food to eat. coming up next we are going to tell you about a program trying to change that giving medical students almost $200 a month just for groceries. more of that coming up. if you have not gotten the flu shot yet there is still time. we are just getting started with flu season. we will talk to our doctors and what else he could do it to stay healthy as we head into fall.
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alive look this morning with some november rain thing for you. our theme for today is going to be rain. because we have rain on the way. video song in mind treat us on facebook or instagram and we will take your request. i will have details on your numbers coming up just a bit. governor jerry brown has published a bill to qualify for a density bonus which will allow you to bill up to 35 more units than local zoning laws permit. state senator nancy center has allowed more students access to
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affordable housing. the san francisco food bank is helping future healthcare workers eat for good health. a number of medical students at uc san francisco say that they cannot afford to eat well so now the food bank is helping them sign up for cal fresh. the program that used to be known as food stamps. so far more than 130 students have qualified to receive benefits of nearly $200 a month. >> i to pay for rent and amenities like anyone. and transportation and on top of that pay for school. when you do not have much money for food you have to make tough choices about what you're going to eat. you could have something that will fill you up in the moment but is a good long-term? spent the university california official say across the entire uc system nearly half of all undergrad students and one quarter of them say that you less than they should because they simply cannot afford to buy food.
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>> september being flu season has officially arrived. the fda and out that last week which leads us to the push for people to get the flu shot. joining us now is internal medicine in sam cisco doctor mitchell. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> i got my flu shots i'm ahead of the game, but once i did everyone was like those don't work. are you going you're going to get sick from getting the flu shot. to find this is the time we had to do a lot of convincing for those who are always in the bubble about getting the flu shot? >> certainly. it is very understandable. people here this time and again and they have aversions to wanting to take it. so what draw attention to here with that, is it is incredibly effective preventative measure. sometimes the flu shot is more or less effective in a given season. but it is still a very good i w
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that is more coincidental than it is anything because of the flu shot itself give him anything. spent last year's flu season was not a good one. 80,000 people is a number i saw with the highest death toll in 40 years. they say most of the children that died had not been vaccinated. in terms of efficacy, we talked about how the flu is smart and changes and adapts, how do you feel about this year's flu shot in terms of how good it is going to be? >> that is the prediction is hard to make. i anticipate it will be better than last year's as it tends to be something which is very bett predictions on what viral strains are causing the flu currently in different parts of the world. and their projected to cause trouble here. so, i expected to be a lot better. there are no promises but it is one of those things where we
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know it is a good first step in preventative medicine. >> of her pediatrician say that if you don't come into our office, because sometimes it's hard to get into your own office, where you can get it where of there being offered. but they say make sure you ask for the four strain or the three strain. make sure you don't get the missed. and in terms of other thing what your recommendations for people saying what do i do and how do i get it if i'm not going to my regular doctor? >> there is a standard flu shot for this season. the option really becomes the shot itself or the nasal mist. and there are people who are afraid of needles understandably. and as opposed to getting nothing, certainly the nasal mist would be the preferable choice as opposed to not getting any sort of production from what we anticipate to be a we really need to prepare for. >> and if you don't have an aversion it seems like the shot is the way to go?
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>> correct. >> in terms of in general, because i feel like something is going around because people have said this is the time here when everyone starts sneezing ever like is that allergies? in that it spreads? so are there any other suggestions on where we go onwe stay healthy as we go from fall and winter? >> one of the big parts of being healthier, is just to have good hygiene. when you cough, cover your mouth. wash your hands these are ways that things tend to spread within families and public areas. and also there are simple things you can do to boost someone's health like being active is good evidence shows from sports medicine literature specifically that being active physically, will increase one's health. and there are other benefits were if you go too far you can actually make yourself less resilient but generally speaking, that is a very easy first step. and people often don't know it or they overlook it. >> don't overdo it, but don't
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under do it either. i guess is the point here. eat healthy and wash her hands. thank you for coming in and keeping us on track as we to ou let's go over to rosemary because when the rain comes as well, i think everyone starts to get a bit of a chill in the change in temperatures can really make it feel like we are coming down with something. >> absolutely. take those vitamins and say healthy folks. giving you alive look in sam cisco starting our partly sunny skies and a patchy drizzle still a possibility. today is going to be a dry day but we have wet weather on the way. i will show you that in your extended forecast here. take a look at the cloud cover from up above. widespread this morning with mid and high-level clouds picking up on just a bit of green here with some sprinkles and a little bit of address a lot of this morning. especially along the coastline. already tracking the next system. yesterday the north bay in lake
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county area is favored to get some rain and they did just that. here's a look at the future cast model and it is still continuing to move out of northern california. for us it is going to be a day of sun and clouds in temperatures are going to be very similar to what we had yesterday. today is a dry day and tomorrow is a dry day but late tomorrow night things start to change here's 5:00 in the afternoon tomorrow where we start to drive home and wet weather is still off the coastline here. as we get into late-night and early-morning hours, it looks like that rain is going to arrive. is fairly consistent so if you go to bed a monday night and it is still dry you may wake up to rain on tuesday morning. so make sure you set the alarm clock for just a bit to get on the roadway a little bit earlier because those roadways are going to be slick. here are your projected amount to speak into tuesday wants a timeframe. anywhere from a quarter inch to half an inch and we will still fine-tune this as we get a little closer but the first rain event of the season for all of us is coming.
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61 degrees in oakland and mostly cloudy skies. upper 50s in san jose. relatively mild for your start of the afternoon. not a bad day. actually kind of nice. 71 in oakland and upper 70s for the inner east bay. mid to upper 70s for the north band for the south bay locations today, 77% methane 82 degrees for gilroy. and some 80s out there for the afternoon. your extended forecast with temperatures not changing a lot as we get to the coming days. 70s around the bay and upper 70s for the warmer locations. the bigger date -- deal is going to be moving into the higher locations. it should not impact the passes as we get into that timeframe as well. but we know this is fleet week so we are tracking the rain thankfully the blue angels prac second part of the week. so hopefully we will have great weather for that. >> usually the weather is perfect for those guys.
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fleet week is coming to the bay area. and some of that excitement will be kicking off. >> coming up in the next half hour we will tell you who is arriving today and when we can see those flying routines this week. and a rough night for college football teams here in the bay area. we are going to highlight stamford and san jose state with five overtimes. stay right here. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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one more game to play before wildcard time. postseason is opening in new york against the yankees. a trip to boston is at stake. but in the meantime they are it's -- finishing the regular season here. and there's a little bit of this. mlb leading 48th home run here and they lead it 2 coming zero. a solo bomb here with them winning their 97th of the year. they beat the angels 5-2. dodgers and at&t, and you know you're in trouble in the opposing pitcher does this. kershaw finds the gap and that is trouble. two runs, home as la takes a 5- 3 lead and they wrap it up here in the ninth going dodgers clin wild-card spot. but they are tied with colorado for the top spot in the nl west. giants lose by final of college
7:26 am
undefeated here. 45 yards and not going to get them. irish seven and notre dame would never trail in the game. stamford lost their star running back but not before he ran for four yards and a score. he left the game in the fourth quarter after rolling his ankle and for the first time this year in south bend the final 3817. -- 38-17. both in the top 25, early on the bears were right there putting it in on the keeper. they dashed to the detail at 10 mccormick seven. but it turns into a nightmare. watch this group and the fly the other way. lamarr winston will go 61 yards and five berkeley turnovers. sealing the deal for cal they lose their first 42-24 two very good oregon team. >> a heartbreaking loss before
7:27 am
the rambo warrior's to come out. a record number for college game overtime is happen against western michigan and buffalo. they are in washington and that is when they loss into his torn acl. they host the cuban browns with baker mayfield today. only one of three teams in the league still winless. you could see the game here with kickoff at one of five this afternoon. coming up, amanda's asking for the public's help to find his 24-year-old daughter. we will tell you where she was last seen two years ago and what her father is trying to do to find her. a lot of heavy equipment in place this morning on fremont street as a work begins this
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we are requesting songs about rain because we are about to get the first rain here is october rolls on. a little creek -- creedence clearwater revival. if you do not know that that came from joshua diamond who wanted a. so we are glad to have you back everyone. i am frank and is last day of september. >> let's get a quick look at that weather. rosemary how much rain are we
7:31 am
talking about newman is a coming? >> we could see anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rain. that is with the future cast models are suggesting. we are tracking it but it really looks like monday night in early tuesday timeframe where it is time to dig out the rain boots and jackets for today. it will be a mainly dry day and this morning we are looking up with a possibility of drizzle out there were portions of than northbay with a little bit of rain yesterday. 61 degrees here in santa rosa. 56 in livermore and 57% has a. the temperature is very similar to a we were yesterday. a little cooler in santa rosa. but for the rest of us within a great tron degree or two here is a few with little bits of green. not seeing anything of the north biblical he could see something falling which could continue to the morning hours. the future cast model picks up a little bit better perhaps lake county through sonoma and even all the way down into
7:32 am
marantz there are some sprinkles this morning which will continue to push out for the afternoon will be partly sunny and partly cloudy with temperatures similar to what we had yesterday. here are a few more numbers with 56 degrees in livermore and 50 nine in novato. getting into the afternoon we go mid 60s over areas like pacifica and seven cisco. 72 for hayward and upper 70s expected in hayward. as well as the south bay. 77 for the afternoon high in san jose. temperatures are not going to change a lot as we get into the business days ahead. but as the headline coming our way is the wet weather. more on this coming up in just a bit. happening right now there's a lot of activity at seven cisco's intersection of free met in harold -- fremont and howard street. construction crews are finally beginning the work of shoring up the transit center. allie rasmus is joining us live there this morning with a look at the construction and how it
7:33 am
might affect traffic with fleet week in and everything that goes on in the city every week. >> yes. expected to continue have a major impact on traffic going into the city of fremont and howard. fremont is one of the main arteries right after you get off the main bridge. and you can see it is closed and it has been since last week. you can see the flatbed trucks here with the heavy equipment getting yellow blocks here and the construction worker say they are hydraulic jacks they're going to be used to put into place the support beams going in the middle of fremont street. it will stabilize that bridge deck right above it. on tuesday this past week, the work crews are doing a routine inspection and found a fisher in the third level bus deck on the eastern side of the transit center. another inspection uncovered a second crack in another beam in that area.
7:34 am
in terms of the street below it it was shut down as a safety precaution and then last week engineers started coming up with a sixth design by thursday and friday the started moving utilities to put those support beams into place. yesterday brought in some materials and did some prep work opening up the floor the deck of fremont street here. the plan is to add support beams to the middle of fremont street to hold up the deck above it. and give it some additional support and stabilization. we do not have an exact timeline on how long the stabilization work is going to take but the joint powers authority says commuters should expect the transit center to remain closed at least through the week. at this point what we are seeing is heavy equipment is being put into place and we are told by the transit authority that we are going to work on installing those steel beams inside to help shore up the
7:35 am
transit center. live in seven cisco, ktvu fox news. the sheriff's office is asking for help from the public regarding a missing 79-year-old woman. elke jones was last seen at 4:30 pm near her home in bay point. deputies and the police say they've been searching for overnight but there has been no sign. she's considered at risk for the sheriff's office is not said why. anyone who is seen jones his asked to call the sheriff's department. a man is asking for help finding his missing daughter. 24-year-old sydney has not been heard from rc last week. she was last seen on in martinez. alyssa harrington was with her father as he passed out flyers to try to find his daughter. >> and looking for my daughter her name is cindy and she's been doing this for about two weeks.
7:36 am
>> there passing out flyers and desperately searching for daughter. sydney has been missing since september 17. her father says she left the hospital in martinez and called friends to try to get a ride. she was last seen at the amtrak station. she suffers from addiction and mental health issues. but her father says she has disappeared without a trace. >> we've completely lost contact with her. she is not contacted any friends or family members. she has not been on social media or anything like that. >> this checked shelters, hospitals and homeless encampments. >> no matter how bad things have ever gotten she always let someone know where she was. >> she says a tip brought him to antioch. a few of his longtime friends help canvas the area. the group posted signs in business windows and spoke with neighbors. many offered words of support.
7:37 am
>> he has been at this by himself since the 17th. doing everything that i can do. he needs his friends with him. >> she grip of finacea her last home within davis. she's 5'2" has tattoos and facial piercings. roberts says he has been in contact with police. he wants to get the word out in case anyone has seen his daughter and he wants sydney to know that he misses her. >> my biggest worry, is that she is out here somewhere and she is in some kind of psychosis or trouble and may not even know that we are looking for her. and she can't even get back home. >>'s daughter was here at the amtrak station in martinez trying to buy a ticket to sacramento but she ended up leaving. she might also go by the name zoe black. anyone with information should call police. ktvu, fox news. a boy in critical condition
7:38 am
after being attacked by a shark. it happened at beacon speech which is north of san diego. locals talk to the witnesses they say the 13-year-old boy with lobster diving when the shark bit him. other beachgoers applied pressure to the wound while they called paramedics. the teenager was life lighted to the hospital and is listed in critical condition. >> the shark was seen in the water by the bystanders. they were not sure exactly what type of shark it was. it was in the 11 foot range. when they got there, he was conscious and above water. the bystanders standers were ab out of the water and he was talking all the way to when he is being transported. >> the beach is going to be closed at least through today. tomorrow is one year since the deadly shooting at the root 91 country music festival in las vegas. 58 people were killed and
7:39 am
hundreds more were injured when 64-year-old stephen paddock open fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel on october 1, 2017. you may recall a chicago man created and set up 58 cross-ice to honor all of the victims. a year later, we are back to honor the 58 people killed including his sister. heather alvarado. >> hard. she should be standing right here. they should all be standing right here. not just cross-ice. >> he first came to las vegas in the days after the massacre to set up all of those cross- ice. since then he is stating contact with survivors in the family of the victims who say the crosses mean everything to the families. two dozen men are under arrest in a law enforcement sting targeting predators who victimize children online. there accused of using games like fortnight mac and other
7:40 am
games that have chat functions. they can use those functions to victimize children who are playing the game. >> is a tool that is using to go out and get after your kids. i was a good percentage of them are not who they say they are. >> the fbi recommends that parents monitor their children closely when using social media apps or mute chat functions entirely. it is 7:40 am. more than 60 people taken into custody at a protest in paloma. >> we tell you why the actress said it took over the production here at the facilities. >> the sheriff deputy who died while in the line of duty here it was emotional. and we have his service coming up.
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7:43 am
what a pretty start over the city. a mix of sun and clouds and some sprinkles lingering over the portions of the north bay. we've had a dry and mild day with more rain on the way. rain by red flags. thank you for requesting this. rain is the theme this morning because we have a big rainmaker coming our way. i have those details coming up. thank you resume. families and friends bid their final goodbyes to deputies were killed early this month. >> the funeral for mark stasyuk was held where he was remembered as someone who made everyone feel like a friend.
7:44 am
the 24-year-old newlywed was killed when he responded to a call in rancho cordova. kevin oliver was there for the emotional fit -- farewell ceremony. >> amy who walks finer husband mark outside of the roseville church where hundreds of sheriff's deputies and police officers from across the country stood at attention. helicopters flew overhead information. mark the 27-year-old sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty at a rancho cordova auto-parts store. >> to might come during a memorial service she read a letter to her husband. >> you treated everyone like everyone but you treat me like no one else. that always made me feel special. >> the couple was married. just six months earlier. >> now that i stand here in front of your brothers and sisters, i feel their love, their hurt in their pain. there's one thing for sure, it
7:45 am
is that i will never lose them. even if i asked them to stop coming by. they have it from here baby. >> mark i want you to know that your life mattered. you matter. he recalled having to bring out his fine points during a a -- a weather toast only to eulogize him now. >> when i see a stranger from a horrible accident he said yes. when asked to run for gunfire, when everyone else is running away, mark said yes. and then we asked mark the ultimate question, if you'd be willing to sacrifice his life for people that he had never met. and he gave us his answer. >> scott jones rememberedof the sworn in, he wanted to give the pronunciation of mark's slavic last name just right. >> he was adamant that he didn't care what we call them as long as he got to be a deputy sheriff that day.
7:46 am
>> has survived determine supervisor say he served his community well until his last breath. >> and even on that day, a final act of courage he faced a dangerous remorseless criminal and had the courage to draw him outside away from his partner and other victims. even though it cost him his life. >>'s pastor said they gave him a pen honoring fallen officers and his wedding. he's a pastor, please pray for my protection. and for the protection of all the brothers and sisters in law enforcement. i looked mark in the i and i said i will do that mark. >> he questioned if it was a premonition as he and others said their prayers to the deputy and all those who knew him. >> deputy was also responding to the call and was wounded but is now expected to make a full recovery. a family is pleading for
7:47 am
whoever shot and killed a three- year-old girl in her home during a drive-by shooting to turn themselves in. >> vigil was held yesterday to honor the life of three-year- old azalea anderson. she was hit by a bullet appears the walls were home. police have not made any arrest. people in the community are planning on marching next month on what would've been her fourth birthday. it is 7:47 am. and hundreds of people are dead after a massive earthquake and tsunami in indonesia. we're going to show you some of that extensive damage as crews continue to work to find survivors. the festivities do not officially begin until next week but today we get a first glimpse of one of the highlights of fleet week. stay right there.
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today is the first sign services go fleet week is nearly here. the day that these precision flying teams will alive arrive in the bay area. starting tomorrow there will be in the skies over the bay area giving and then they will practice fly saturday and sunday. the final act of fleet hopefully will have some time. it does feel would determine a little weird to be talking about rain right now.
7:51 am
we usually luck out because fleet week is fabulous. we get a nice warm-up in early october and it is going to be okay. we get past this rain event coming our way, and then back into the business week when the blue angels begin the practice, and they begin to fly and hopefully we have good weather. here's a look at some nice weather to start your sunday morning. a mix of sun and clouds as we look over sam cisco. we do have the possibility of a few sprinkles lingering over the north bay as well as lake county. the system that brought you some rain yesterday as expected. the rest of us, we remain dry although one of our coke workers was in berkeley and she said she felt a little spritz on her hand and that was it. giving you of you here at the next system is moving closer to the coast, it looks like monday night to tuesday morning is when we are going to see that arrive. here's a look at was going on for today. a little bit of rain as we get to your morning hours and continue to lift up toward the north and the east.
7:52 am
but we have a mix of sun and clouds which we will continue with as the giants and raiders are playing. and then as we get into afternoon we are going to have temperatures very similar to what we have been here. here's a look at monday where i want to talk but what is to come. and i stay here tomorrow is drive but by the later part of the afternoon and evening hours the rain is moving in a bit closer and then by late night on monday night and into tuesday morning we have rain arriving on our doorsteps. as far as rainfall amounts, a quarter inch to half-inch is a possibility at least what the models are predicting right now. right now we are hoping it sticks together. it will be nice to see that. a look at some of these numbers here 61 degrees in oakland and expected in san jose. your afternoon high for today is the mid-70s. a bit muggy ouerday for some and it could today. closer to the bay we are in the 70s and in oakland we have the
7:53 am
rater term and raiders starting at one of 5 pm. the giants are playing there as well and as we get into south bay we have temperatures ranging from 65 to 83. 73 expected by the water in santa cruz. here's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures rolling through the business week are going to be mild. mid to upper 70s and your forecast. all the way through about thursday with low 70s for the bayside communities. along the coastline we will stick with those 60s dry and increasing clouds for tomorrow night. the rain moves in on tuesday morning and could linger for wednesday and then it will turn sunny once again want to go to thursday, and friday. is not even october yet. some people are already putting up halloween decorations. >> 31 days away. what one couple put up for decorations
7:54 am
so you need people that it iyou're close to...r footing, to help guide you. i think about how important it was for me to have the role models i've had. oh, look at that! i wasn't able to get there alone. he essentially pl "hey man, this is your life, this is what you need to do." nobody can do it alone. the more help you can get along the way, the faster you can achieve your goals. i'm in it to fly. help people achieve their dreams. speak for those who can not. whatever you're in it for... ...we're in it together.
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7:56 am
welcome back. dozens of animal-rights activists were arrested after taking over poultry production facility the claims houses birds in inhumane conditions. they feel direct action everywhere. they say that this happened around 1:30 pm yesterday afternoon. the protesters brought a medical camp with them and took birds from a large sets truman shed saying they needed dehydration, ammonia burns and broken limbs. they said they were going to be arrested if they leave the birds all 67 people were arrested including one person for allegedly attacking the owner the facility. a woman in north dakota said she was stunned when police arrived in her house to make sure she was not in any danger becau ay so she started
7:57 am
one of her neighbors saw what she put up and thought she might need some help. so he called 911. >> i look across the street and i see my neighbor's window, assigned to says help me. and i'm like what's going on over here? so i go walk down and i look in and they motion me to get out of here. so i was like okay. something is not right. is >> we had to be sure. i mean at least was her neighbor. >> they say it's not the first time they have been called because the confusion over halloween decorations. and they did not even ask her to take down her sign. her neighbors defend his action saying he didn't see any other decorations and he would rather have this happen the not to call when someone really needed help. >> they were left but it hope for a while. coming up next, crews are trying to repair those two
7:58 am
cracked beams. a temporary fix coming up next is the terminal remains closed this morning. we will explain elon musk's deal with the fcc come back at 8:00. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
7:59 am
designed to save you money. even when you've got serious binging to do. wherever your phone takes you, your wireless bill is about to cost a whole lot less. use less data with a network that has the most wifi hotspots where you need them and the best 4g lte everywhere else. saving you hundreds of dollars a year. and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $300 back when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
8:00 am
♪ raindrops are falling on your head. ♪ no mac >> and there it is. no raindrops yet, but they're coming. this was requested by my fabulous friend melanie mariani. i wanted to make sure we got that went on in the air. >> does everyone of the song? it is just a good song. >> the theme song for bush cassidy and the sundance kid. >> rosemary says it is coming. him and she says it is coming we wait for. we get our umbrellas out. >> welcome to mornings here on this sunday, september 20 traumatic to her 30th. we will have more with rosemary in a moment on when those headlines around the bay area here. but the work is finally underway on the two million- dollar trans bay terminal as it kicks off today. >> the cause of those two cracked beams is still unknown.
8:01 am
allie is going to join us however live with an update into this. after a series of issues elon musk is stepping down as chairman of the board. all part of a settlement with the security and exchange commission. how that affect the company's future -- future? we will tell you. there is so much help here in week for their combined 1-5 siu many to magic today. raiders hosting the browns and the niners are in la taking on the charges. we are going to have both games to talk about here but first we talk about this weather. because, it is changing. >> it is going to be wet. a deadly feels like weather out there. at this hour. 62 in semper cisco 61 and oakland. these numbers reflect very similar to what we had yesterday morning and for the afternoon expect to get any a
8:02 am
repeat. the change of the north bay but we are not expecting showers. we are waking up of the possibility of a drizzle out there favoring the north bay. but for most of us it is a mostly cloudy start today and we are going to continue with this onshore flow as we get into monday night and into tuesday. we have some rain coming our way. we are going to have a mix of sun and clouds and notice how the trend continues to move north and east. so maybe some sprinkles over sonoma county in the far north end of areas over the bay and into lake county with a few out there. upper 70s for concord northbay we have 77. percent cisco it is 66 and then 77 expected over san jose with the upper 70s for morgan hill. temperatures will be very similar as we start your work week. the bigger story is going be the rain on the way. details coming up.
8:03 am
a very busy intersection of sam cisco where work is underway right now to reinforce two cracked steel beams in the transit center. allie rasmus is live near the corner fremont and howard street where the work is centered. allie? >> some of the heavy equipment that is currently staging out here has captured our attention this morning. there are those giant yellow blocks there on the left of fremont street. those are hydraulic jacks i we have seen the construction crews in the cranes moving that in place staging them ers that fremont street right where you see that wooden platform. we don't know the details of exactly how this is going to work, but those that we've been talking to have limited information and not exactly official information on the temporary project. but it to work is underway in
8:04 am
the heavy equipment is out here. as you know it this is all because tuesday this past week, what happened that day when work crews were doing the routine inspection of the eastern size determine side of the cracked beams in the area. since then the transit center and fremont and howard have been shut down as a safety precaution. last week engineer started working on a design to shore up the structure and the deck on thursday and friday. there moving utilities of the way in preparation of the stabilization work. and yesterday they brought in some materials to begin that preparation work. but today, according to this trans bay authority, they are going to be starting the work of stabilizing and installing the support beams to give additional support to the middle deck on fremont street. the power authority says that
8:05 am
they should expect fremont street and howard to remain closed through the remainder of the week at least. and the trans bay itself will also be shut down. we will continue to keep an eye on the work going on here. right now there are people adjusting the staging getting things in the place. but we are told stabilization work is set to begin sometime this morning. live in semper cisco, fox 2 news. one minute is recovering this morning after he was hurt in a rollover crash. it happened on diablo road with runs from interstate 6 to the diablo country club. mn hit a utility pole and it flipped. we are told his injuries are non-life threatening. officials are not releasing his name or any other details about him or what may have caused the crash. the road was shut down for nearly 2 hours as police investigated.
8:06 am
u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his supporters say they will wait to hear what if anything the fbi investigation reveals this week. three women have now come forward claims that they were sexually abused by cavanaugh, judge kavanaugh when he was in high school or college. the fbi has free rein in this weeklong investigation. but it is unclear how much investigators will actually be able to find out about events with women that happened some 30+ years ago. agents may have a hard time finding witnesses and because this is not a criminal investigation, they cannot require anyone to testify. >> gave his two- piece here. he praised his supreme court pick. >> a vote to confirm judge kavanaugh is a vote to confirm one of the most accomplished, legal minds of our time. a jurist with a sterling record here. >> they went on to call it a
8:07 am
potential blessing in disguise because the president believes the cavanaugh will be exonerated. they also accuse democrats of using lowball tactics and directed his comments at senator dianne feinstein. he accused her of leaking the letter from doctor christine ford. >> dianne feinstein did you leak it? remember her answer. did you leak the documents? um what? no. no. one minute. no. we did not. >> appearing to respond to the president's comments he said the moment i received the letter my actions have been consistent with her wishes. we kept the letter confidential did not leak its confidence -- it's information to anyone.
8:08 am
>> it is raising concerns about brett kavanaugh temperament. in a statement they called his testimony before the senate judiciary committee aggressive and belligerent. we talked to political expert who is agreed that the judges demeanor raises the issue of how a nominee to the highest court should act. melissa michaels says that brett kavanaugh's testimony worked in the sense that he kept the present support. but in the end he came off as partisan. >> i thought him being angry and rude was a poor choice. because in the past that is not how candidates for the supreme court of acted. >> the jig is up. it was really blatant. a democr conspiracy. >> they say the comments at the hearing could color any of his future rulings as partisan as a judge if he is confirmed to the
8:09 am
court. of the s'more is considering a run for president. the massachusetts senator spoke at a town yesterday going -- when a guest asked her if she was coming to consider running for higher office. >> i will take a hard look at running for president. >> november 6 of course is the general election. her announcement led to a standing ovation from her supporters. she was at this town hall meeting as part of a campaign species could doing for a second term e. elon musk is stepping down as the chairman of the board. he will keep his title is the ceo of the company. ssion. part of the settlement tesla will also be paying a $20 million fine to the fcc. muscala pena $20 million. they said that he violated securities exchange loss when he tweeted that he secured funding to take the ements a
8:10 am
false and misleading. wall street journal tech reporter kim higgins says the sentiment removes on certain the over tesla. >> he is still in the mix but it removes a huge uncertainty there was hanging out there. the fcc have been pushing to get rid of him from the company is the director or as an officer. >> they say the resolution will prevent further disruption on the market and harm to tesla shareholders. they will promote two new independent directors to the board. developing this from indonesia. at least 832 people are now confirmed that from friday's quake and tsunami. dronof the damage caused by that magnitude 7.5 quake and this tsunami flooding. this morning rescue workers are still searching for president s thousands of people could be dead. there are points reports that
8:11 am
an early warning system could have prevented deaths but the system has only been in the testing phase for years. a typhoon is bringing strong winds and heavy rains to parts of japan this morning. it has forced people to back away from the homes and many flights have been canceled and major airports throughout japan. the storm is moving through some of the same areas that were hit by another typhoon earlier this month. study show many students struggle to pay for enough food to eat. >> coming up will tell you about a program trying to change that by giving medical students almost $200 a month for groceries. it is sunday so it is time for football. up next we will preview the 48 hour game in the raider game coming up here with joe fine.
8:12 am
8:13 am
with a mixed of clear skies out there and of course run of the song. can you stand in the rain? several people requested the song.
8:14 am
thank you for your request and sending them to us here. the theme today is rain because it is on the way. it is 8:14 am. so let's talk about some football here. raiders and the 49ers are combined 1-5. and the niners lost grappler last week so no big start hosting leave wednesday there fired up. the niners are in downtown playing a very good la chargers team. let's chat now about both games bringing in joe fine here this morning. how are you doing? is very good morning frank. >> it is good to have you with us. let's talk about how this season is kind of collapsing on the niners a bit. what a tough loss last week? >> no question. i think what you said there just a minute ago is really the key thing here for week four. there is no way that the 49ers can say man the guy that we counted so much on to be our
8:15 am
season is gone. i guess 50 just rebuild tomato next year. you just can't take that approach. but obviously, and i thought they were smart since the team, but i'm not in a judge this is a death march the is no question about this. the play were grappler decided to go for a couple of extra yards i think when we initially thought we thought it was the hit the could've been the injury but was when he went to plant the put his left knee and buckled. they feared the worst which is what was. an acl tear which requires surgery. he is out for the season. but you know, you just have to say okay. we have a backup quarterback for reason. plenty of teams atsome of them playoffs. if you look at philadelphia last year in the super bowl he
8:16 am
backup guy and say let's go there's a lot of football left to play. just a little bit okay. >> maybe a little super bowl mvp. let's talk about the pedigree here. because is it his uncle that was bobby secker? >> his grandfather. >> will he took his lumps last year. you quite a few starts before they acquire grappler. so this is nothing new here. but can he take a step up and maybe improve a bit? >> here is the part that should be positive as far as he goes. he was a third-round draft pick last year. and if you remember brian hoyer struggled and at one point in the washington game last year he was in here behind encourage play the game. but he did get five starts and
8:17 am
he led them to that one win over the new york giants. and they started out losing their first nine games. but the thing i think you're to see about him is they thought enough of him to draft him into the third round. he's had one other year to learn shanahan's offense. and this is where you think did are backup do what they're supposed to do? which is treat every game as if you could be the starter because you never know when you're going to be. if you do that and continue to mature and get better we will find out. >> i don't want to shortchange the rangers but we are running out of time. so long to hold there is your- 3. and still looking for win number one. the cleveland browns are little darlings this year because their 1-1-1. and baker mayfield is really something. what a game he had last week.
8:18 am
>> they got into the win column for the first time in the last three seasons. so the big thing for the raiders, has been the fourth quarter. they have been outscored 47-3. in the game against denver that led or tied all but the final six seconds. so that is the thing that they have to look at. they have to be able to close out games which they've been unable to do. >> we look forward to tonight when you guys wrap it all up tonight. and of course with the mercedes- benz sports program coming up in about an hour or half an hour rather. joe, thank you for getting up with us this morning. >> you guys have a great football sunday. >> that is joe fonzi in the full sports lineup coming up here on the city sports weekend getting things started just a couple minutes. raiders and browns at 1:00 and we are excited to watch the silver and black? >> yes we are.
8:19 am
you can catch the point after an sports representative at 1130. there is a rundown check it out with your full slate of football games. >> busy sunday but busy in a good way. let's go over to rosemary for look at how the day shaping up. >> some good weather coming our way. i want to take a step back as into the northbay we had expected some rain to fall but 15 107 inch here. areas of her santa rosa reported a few 107 inch. regarding mainly dry today waking upmist and drizzle with some few sprinkles hanging on but that will be about it. into the afternoon the temperatures will be mild once again and we will have our eyes on the next system. this one expected to bring us widespread rain as we get into your monday and tuesday time frame. i will push you ahead in the me take another look at our head trauma numbers for today. here's a look at the morning where perhaps a little blue or
8:20 am
rain is out there this morning. not a big deal. it will continue to lift out and we will be partly sunny but mostly cloudy for afternoon. 60s on the coast and 70s on the bay. here's a look at monday morning where we start out drive. it will be a dry day that we getting troy begin to transition. new models are showing the rain moving in sooner than expected. by monday night it could come ashore severe going to hang onto that late monday and early morning on tuesday time frame for this rain moving through. and the models continue to bring anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rain all thre even more than that with ws mon night into tuesday. for today partly sunny and dry 58 in san jose and if you're going to see the raiders play it will be mild out there with low 70s expected a kickoff and slightly warmer as we get into your halftime. afternoon highs of the northbay
8:21 am
are 79 for brentwood. closer to the water we go 66 in pacifica and 66 in sam cisco. a little bit breezy and mostly cloudy as well. 77% has a and low 80s expected. here's a look at your extended forecast with the temperatures not changing a lot. your bigger focus will be on the rain that is expected to move in by monday night and into tuesday. perhaps lingering into wednesday before he finally dry out. mostly sunny skies in the forecast for thursday and mid 70s expected for the inland cities. it also happens to be fleet week which we will be tracking and the blue angels coming in on the back of that. hopefully the wet weatr to lose >> it does not involve going to the gym or eating right either. sounds intriguing and that is up next.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
drivers should expect delays on 880 in oakland tonight. cal tran is working on the 23rd avenue over crossing. during the overnight hours link closures are expected between midnight and 5 am. 23rd avenue over crossing is tentatively scheduled opened sometime next month. governor jerry brown has signed a bill to boost affordable housing for students. there will now be able to qualify for density bonus that will allow them to build up 35% one units then local zoning laws permit. they sponsored the bill and hopes that it will create more construction of housing and allow more students have access to affordable housing. ring county food bank is helping future healthcare
8:25 am
workers to eat for good health. a number of medical students at uc san francisco say they cannot afford to eat well. another food bank is helping them sign up for cal fresh the program that used to be known as food stamps. so far, more than 130 med students have qualified to receive benefits it nearly $200 a month. >> i to pay for rent just like anyone. i pay for amenities and transportation. on top of all that i've to pay for school. >> when you don't have much money you have to make tough choices about what you're going to eat. weather you're going to have sodium it will fill you up in the moment. but it's not good for your long- term. >> across the entire uc system, nearly half of all undergrad students at one point say that they eat less than they should because they simply cannot afford to buy food. a new study shows that you can increase weight loss just by thinking thin. people who wanted to lose weight were given hours of training to visualize achieving their goals. researchers imagine the lifestyle changes they would make when they lost weight.
8:26 am
they lost five times as much weight as those who took the same amount of time to overcome weight loss issues. neither group got dietary advice. the studies read assigned to say that after the study was over the people who visualize changes continue to lose weight. i would think healthy eating and whatnot would have something to do with it? >> if you convince the mind the body will follow. beer lovers, oakland annual oktoberfest continues today. it takes over the diamond district with a beer garden selling all kinds of food and a family area with games complete with a root beer garden for the kids. as well as stages with live music. oktoberfest was all day yesterday and today and will last from 10:00 to 5:00. the city zoo has welcomed a new member of the family. a baby elephant.
8:27 am
it was born on wednesday night weighing in at 281 pounds. >> how is mama doing? >> this is her fourth baby. no name yet for the new baby. we are talking rain and when it is coming. >> i'm going to say a comes in monday night or tuesday. the models have been fairly consistent. we will tracking it between now and then and of course for a mix of sun and clouds with you temperatures similar to yesterday. it will be muggy out tomorrow n tuesday we expect that rain to arrived with scattered showers lingering into wednesday morning. we will have that for you right here on ktvo. thank you for joining us this morning. up next we have the mercedes- benz sports we can show. and sports owns transports on two continues tonight.
8:28 am
make you can catch the raiders and the browns here on ktvo. the point after that 4:00 at don't forget sports rap at 11:30 pm. >> the rain is coming this way. this is brought to you by jenny cunningham. and a bunch of other people liking the song. ? it's all about the rain.
8:29 am
8:30 am
no crying over torn acl's. jimmy is gone for the year. and it is next man up. that happens to be cg bedford. he is also a youngster quarterback trying to take over for the niners against the chargers. >> he will come out. >> if you think john gruden is animated after three losses and a rash of penalties imagine how things might be if they start out 0-4. and imagine if that comes to the cleveland browns. baker mayfield is actually end spent can you believe it? the golden state warriors have already played their first preseason game. as the five all-stars ok


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